Sellers of small press books and graphic novels
Milwaukee brick and mortar in 2020
Lion's Tooth is a bookstore café and bar coming to Milwaukee in 2020. In Fall 2019 we started hosting pop-ups to raise funds for our physical store. We are also launching a subscription program that includes new releases, work by featured artists and a book club.

Our goal is to provide Milwaukee with a cultural hub and gathering place for both children and adults. Help us get there by contributing with our Indiegogo campaignsubscribing to our monthly care package and supporting our events. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

This great article in The Milwaukee Record has a lot more information about what we are doing.

Cris and Shelly

Shelly McClone-Carriere is one of the founders of the Riverwest Co-op. She was a board member from 2002-2012, manager from 2001-2018 and bookkeeper since 2003. In 2018 Shelly joined Highland Community School, where she is currently the School Café coordinator, working with middle schoolers to develop skills that include planning the menu, budgeting and preparing meals for students, teachers and family members. Shelly's passion for books and community is at the heart of what Lion's Tooth stands for.

Cris Siqueira is a Brazilian-born American citizen with deep Milwaukee roots. In the 1990s and early 2000s she worked as a journalist writing about alternative comics and owned a bookstore specialized in graphic novels in São Paulo. In 1997 Cris interviewed over 20 of the most important American cartoonists and published an award-winning compilation that introduced their work to Brazilian readers. For the last couple of years she has been revisiting her favorite artists – you can read these interviews here.

The name Lion's Tooth is a reference to dandelions, those stubborn masters of survival (from the French dent-de-lion). We want the books and art we love to thrive and multiply like they do. The dandelion regenerates even when you cut off the yellow flower, just like bookstores, which have survived the "retail apocalypse" brought by Beelzebezos and continue to spread love across the land.


Love is like the lion's tooth. – W. B. Yeats