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20 Years Later: Monthly conversations with our favorite cartoonists
Lion's Tooth co-owner Cris Siqueira revisits cartoonists she first interviewed in the late 90s
In partnership with Milwaukee Record
Author Cris Siqueira in the Milwaukee Record

In the summer of 1997 Lion's Tooth co-owner Cris Siqueira traveled to the US from her native country of Brazil to interview some of the most amazing American cartoonists. She visited 14 American cities in two months talking to cartoonists and industry professionals. She helped sell comics at the Drawn & Quarterly booth in San Diego and visited the Fantagraphics headquarters in Seattle. The trip resulted in countless articles and an award-winning collection "Comic Book - O Novo Quadrinho Norte Americano", which featured stories by ten of the artists interviewed, most of them published for the first time in Brazil.

The collection Comic Book - O Novo Quadrinho Norte-Americano

The Brazilian collection organized and translated by Cris Siqueira, winner of the 1999 HQ Mix award

Twenty years later, now established in Milwaukee, she started a new series of interviews with the same artists to find out what has changed in their lives, work and comics in general.
Dame Darcy and Cris Siqueira in 1997 and 2019
Dame Darcy and Cris Siqueira in 1997 and 2019
Each month we will bring a new article, divided in two parts.
This is an ongoing project and Cris is still reaching out and conducting new interviews with the folks she met in 1997.
Here's a complete list of the artists and publishers in this series:
All photos by Carolina Pfister
Our Story so far (2017-2019)
Number key cartoonists
  1. Adrian Tomine
  2.  Kaz - article coming in June 2020
  3. Jason Lutes
  4. Ariel Bourdeaux
  5. Rick Altergott
  6. Eric Reynolds - featured in February 2020
  7. Chris Oliveros
  8. Gilbert Hernandez - featured in October 2019
  9. Lloyd Dangle
  10. Chris Ware
  11. Richard Sala
  12. Daniel Clowes
  13. Joe Coleman
  14. Joe Sacco - article coming in March 2020
  15. Megan Kelso - article coming in April 2020
  16. Dame Darcy - featured in November 2019
  17. Debbie Drechsler
  18. Brian Biggs
  19. Peter Bagge (not pictured in 1997) - featured in January 2020
  20. Kim Thompson*
  21. Jaime Hernandez - article coming in May 2020
  22. Tony Millionaire
  23. Jessica Abel
* Legendary publisher Kim Thompson passed away in 2013.

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Lion's Tooth co-owner Cris Siqueira met Gilbert Hernandez at the 1997 San Diego Comic Con and then visited his home in Los Angeles. Twenty years later, she sat down for a group interview with Gilbert, his wife Carol Kovinick Hernandez and their daughter Natalia Hernandez (also a cartoonist) in Las Vegas, where they live now.  

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Lion's Tooth co-founder Cris Siqueira first interviewed Dame Darcy in New York City in 1997. Twenty-two years later they met again in a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, and this time Darcy brought along her impossibly adorable (and demanding) doll Isabelle, who became a big part of the evening.

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Lion's Tooth co-founder Cris Siqueira first met Peter Bagge in New York City in 1997. This interview took place twenty years later at Fergie's On The Ave in Tacoma, Washington.
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Lion's Tooth co-founder Cris Siqueira first visited Fantagraphics Books in 1997 to interview the company’s late co-owner Kim Thompson. She went back twenty years later for a conversation with cartoonist and publisher Eric Reynolds.