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What is the Lion's Tooth subscription?
Our subscription program is a crowdfunding effort to raise money for our brick and mortar store.
• It puts us in the business we want to be in: offering awesome books and graphic novels!
• It allows us to support artists by commissioning and featuring their amazing work
• It builds community through our monthly book club meetings
What does the subscription include?
Every month you will get a care package with:
• A new release (book or graphic novel)
• Some fun stuff from featured artists (like zines, prints, cards and more)
• Lion's Tooth mini zine with information about everything in the package
• We will also pack some cool swag for you. Buttons, stickers, you name it
What types of subscriptions are available?
These are the types of subscription available and their prices:
Kids subscriptions - graphic novels or illustrated books
Choose one:
• Ages 8-12
• Ages 13 and up
*** We will take special requests for younger kids
And then choose the duration of the subscription:
3-month kids - $60
• 6-month kids - $115
• 12-month kids - $220
Adult subscriptions
Choose one:
• Graphic novels
• Non-fiction books
• Music books curated by Milwaukee Record
*** We can mix and match 6-month and 12-month subscriptions
And then choose the duration of the subscription:
• 3-month adults - $80
• 6-month adults - $150
• 12-month adults - $300
Shipping & Handling is $8 per month.
Can I give the subscription to someone as a gift?
Yes! Just tell us where to send the care packages. You will even get a special card in the mail to give to the person receiving the subscription.
Happy customer with Lion's Tooth subscription card
I got a subscription card like this as a gift. What do I do?
You don't have to do anything! You will start receiving your care packages in the month specified on the card. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Do the subscriptions renew automatically?
No. We will notify you when your subscription is expiring and you can choose to renew it if you wish.
What are the monthly book club meetings?
Subscribers will be invited to monthly book clubs held in different locations around Milwaukee until we have our own physical store. These meetings can include talks or autograph sessions with the authors and artists featured that month. Subscribers will also have first dibs in all other events promoted by Lion's Tooth.
What if I don't live in Milwaukee?
Whenever it makes sense we will live stream or post videos of our events (if we have a Q&A with an artist, for example). Subscribers everywhere will also have access to exclusive content and promotions.
When do I get my first care package?
The subscription program started in January 2020 and the packages are mailed on the first week of each month. If you subscribe until January 20, you'll get your first package in February. If you subscribe until February 20 you'll get your first package in March, and so on and so forth. We will always try to acommodate latecomers, but you may have to wait another month - we will let you know either way.
Will the book be a surprise? What if I already have it?
It's a surprise, yes, but you can return the book and request a replacement if you already have it.

How is this different from buying the book on Amazon?
You get a ton of stuff with the book. You learn about artists and authors you may not otherwise know. You join our awesome community and support an independently-owned bookstore. You don't help expand Beelzebezos' evil empire. You get an amazing book in a paded envelope full of surprises, and not in the same box as your bulk toilet paper.
More questions?
Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have!

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